Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Today was another long day!  Got to work at 645 again.  Must wake up earlier so I can warm up my car.  Brrrrrr. I have been in a crappy mood for the past few days.  I can't help it and I don't like it.  Uggg.

I had a lovely conference call with MJ, his therapist.  MJ does sound like he is happier. He said his number one goal is to gain trust with me and communicate with me more.  Whooa.  That is a change.  I like it!  I miss my MJ terribly.  It was a nice conversation.  He was told that he needs to be living at home and not with Grandpa.  He accepted it.  His therapist is very good and putting things in a perspective where the other person understands and doesn't feel attacked or make them defensive. 

Worked until 7 again. 

Home and worked on art for  15-20 mins.  The paper dissolved wonderfuly from the tar.  The fine residue is kinda a pain to get off.  I am letting it dry before I decided if it is going to work or not.  I hope so. I am in bed next to my hubby who is watching the Mavs.  I am tired, but I need to find good pictures of the kidos for this project.  He is mad at me because I complained that he put milk in Sissy's night time cup.  Night time cup is only for water.  Period.  This is nothing new and has been going on for 6 months or so.......both kids get a cup of water by their bed. 
Funny, and not so funny story.  The past few nights, Eastyn has thrown her cup at Jr when it is empty.  I don't know how, but she nails him in the forehead every time. He comes running in with a knot forming on his head.
I left 2 pages of 'homework' out of Jr.  They were on the counter with nothing else.  Did they get done....Nope!  So, when I got home, I texted her and told her that she needs to help him do his work and that I left 2 pages out for him.
AND....she drove them to Nanos today and didn't even tell me.  Took them to McDonald's.  So 3 big items, she did.  Drive to Nano's......Took them to McDonalds and didn't help Jr do his work.

My elbow joints hurt really bad today.  And my swallowing got worse this evening when I was at work.  I know this is bad, but I am eating ice cream for dinner.  I can actually eat it.  I can't wait until Jan 1.  I am calling this new thing thru my work called Best Doctors.  I am telling them all the tests I have done and they will collect my charts and review them with a panel of Best Doctors and find out what the heck is going on with me.  Hair falling out, joints hurt, trouble swallowing.  Ahhhhh.  They tested me for everything.  Nothing, but my fibromyalgia.  I want a second opinion.  Because I would love to be able to eat veggies again.

I had to call Mathew's urologist again.  They never called me back.  Left a message and the lady called me back and told me that the only time they have is Fri at 845.  So I told Mathew he needed to take 1/2 vacation day.  He and Tanner have a dermatologist appt at 330 & 345 on Friday too.  I want Mathew to have a body scan because he has a ton of moles and I can't always keep track.  Tanner has a weird mole I want looked at.  Is is a balanced white perfect circle with a dark perfect circle mole in the dead center.  Rather have it looked at and be nothing that something and ignore it.

I am totally exhausted.  I could fall asleep right now.  But I have pictures to look thru.  Uggggg.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday, December 6th, 2010

This morning I woke up in a not so great of mood.  I got a call from Gran telling me she just woke up and will be late.

Brrrrr, it was a cold morning.  While I waited for Gran I started my car to get it nice and toasty! Got to work at 650.  Not to bad of traffic.  Got to work right away.  Busy, busy day.  It is JIB closing and my cut off is at 2.  Got my overhead (drilling and completion) done and 2 months of workstring.  Go me! 

I did stress all day about this daycare thing. Gran asked for more money last week.  She wants a raise.  I would have no problem giving her a raise BUT....she is LAZY.  She recent is asking that I lay out the babies clothes.  Let me list the problems that cause me stress (in no order, just as the come to my head)
1) Won't take them outside.  They stay inside all day in the living room, kitchen or bedroom asleep ALL DAY LONG.
2) Doesn't cook for them, but feeds them packaged food from her house. No veggies/fruit offered.  We are paying the price for this because they won't eat much variety anymore.  In fact, Jr won't eat much other than sugar. Or she takes them to McDonald' least 3 times a week.
3) Doesn't read to them, help with ABC's, counting, colors....anything. They love to be read to.....but the TV is on ALL DAY LONG.  I even got a workbook that I lay out each day!  Nope.....only on occasion.
4) Drives them all over the city, even after being asked not too.  Even driving after taking a few too many pills.  She rides braille all the time.  She can't even put a car seat in the van.  Someone has to do it for her.
5) DO NOT discipline them.  The rule her.  This causes BIG problems for when we take them anywhere.  It is HELL to pay. (read more on tonight)
6) Electricity - lights and tv's are left on ALL DAY LONG, even after being asked not to.
7) Feeds them choking hazards, even I have asked her not to.  Just this past Sunday, I asked her what would she do if she choked.  She shrug her shoulders and said she didn't know.  They she said she would hit Eastyn on the back.  I asked her not to do that.
8) She calls me for EVERYTHING while I am at work.  For example, I got a call this morning.....she wanted to know if TJ got out this weekend.  I asked her if he was home.  She said yes, but she was just curious.  I told her yes, he did and I really don't care.  Then I didn't talk.  Finally, she said she would let me go.  What??  She called me 3 times for that!  I didn't answer the first 2.  But then I thought it might be and ER.  Nope.  Just a stupid question about the dog.
9) We don't file taxes.  We don't get that tax break.  Well, when you add that with her paycheck and then all the electricity that is used all day......we are paying more.
10) Doesn't make them wash their hands nor brush teeth.  Even after being out and about.

Ms Donna used to watch them before Eastyn was born.  Shortly after she was born, Gran lost her job and asked us to employ her.  I said yes, but she has to mirror Donna.  This was easier I am sure when they were infants. Now they are bigger and it is starting to show in thier behavior!  Big time.

My husband got a taste of it tonight.  He took the babies to Tanners basketball game.  It was an away game.  Gran wanted to go.  Mathew drove them to the game.  I guess Mathew Jr, threw a massive fit because he was hungry.  So, Mathew left to get him snacks.  Half way thru the game, Eastyn threw a fit for 20 mins, rolling around, hitting daddy.  I guess it was baaad.  Mathew said he was so embarrassed.  I told him it was because those babies have NO discipline during the day and they can act how ever they want and Gran just ignores it.  Why....because she is LAZY.
Side note) This summer we went on vacation.  She would grab her purse and go to the car.  She said that someone needed to grab her other bags.  AND whenever we go to the store.  I get the babies, I get the groceries and I drive.  She just walks and is in lala land. Drives me crazy. 
Lazy might not be the right word.  Entitlement might be the better choice.  She feels that she is 60 and her life has been hard, so she feels that everyone needs to take care of her. Ugggg.  The Victim!

SO, that is what consumed the first part of my day.  Then I was thinking about MJ.  Hope he is doing good.  I miss him a ton.  I want him back home.  But I want to make sure he is well first.  I don't want him coming home too early.
I am also worried that I am losing him.  He never wants to talk with me.  He calls everyone else before he calls me.  Most of the time, he doesn't time to call me since they are on a limited time.
I did talk with his counselor today.  He said that MJ is doing much better on this new medication.  He says I might just have my old MJ back.  GOD I hope so!  I know we will still have alot of hard work to do.  But this would be great for a start.  I love you MJ.  I want my baby back.

I have my Cardiologist appt Wednesday at 2pm.

I got off work at little after 7 today.  Got home and the babies and my hubby were pulling up in the van.  I didn't say much to Gran.  I am still upset and I don't want to say something I don't mean.  Came in and Jr started throwing a fit, he got 2 swats on the hiney and had to throw his gum in the trash and go straight to bed.  He did...crying thou.  Eastyn wanted me to hold her.  She was all smiles.  We went to say good night to daddy.  Daddy firmly told her that if he coulda he woulda swatted her butt too for the 20 min fit. She told him to shut up.  He popped her in the mouth with 2 fingers and she fell apart.  I told her that she couldn't talk to people that way and took her to bed. she kicked and screamed.  I gave them each a cup of water.  Turned the movie on and shut the door.  5 mins later, Jr comes out crying.  Eastyn had thrown her cup at his face and nailed him.  I went in and spanked her bottom and picked up the cup, pointed to it and told her we don't throw things.  She started crying for her cup.  I set the cup down on the bookshelf and told Jr not to give it to her.  He smiled and said I won't give it to her momma.  I think he was happy that she was in trouble for hurting him.  Shut the door and I haven't heard a word (shhhhhhhh - lets hope it stays that way).

Ahhh, finally.  I grab some sliced turkey and try to swallow it.  I wish I could eat without feeling like I am choking every swallow.  Then a big bowl of cereal....something I can eat well.

I sat in my studio and worked a little.  Did this fancy new thing with Clear Tar Gel and a photo.  We shall see.  I hope it turns out well. I would really love to use this for a picture for my mom for Christmas.  Tonight is to practice. Tomorrow too.  Because I am going to have to work late again.

Nick was mad at me.  I pinky-promised that I would take him to Michael's to get the other part to his rocket. Well....that was before I worked until 7 and the drama with the babies.  So, I bribed him into waiting until Wednesday and I would get him 2 parts.  He was mad and called me a liar for making him have to wait so he gets 2 parts.  He needs both parts to work.

Crap....I think I hear Jr.  Not good.  Not good.  I bet the movie is off......and that is another problem.  Those babies don't need to be watching TV all night long.  I need to find a good night light.....or a fish tank with fish in it.....and then no TV.  Ohhh, I like that tank.  They get to pick out the fish and rocks and then we take the TV out of their rooms.  Heck ya.  Nice thinking chica.  Now lets pray that it works.  Hahaha.

Good night all.  It is 10 and I am getting sleepy.  Still gotta clean up, head to bed and look at some art on my Etsy site. 

My goal for Esty is to have 10 large pieces for my website and 25 pieces for my Etsy.  ohhhhlala